Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays from QuestBase!

In light of the festivities, we’ve made a brief Christmas quiz to help you discover QuestBase’s true potential in allowing you to create all different types of customizable questionnaires and surveys.

Click here to start the Christmas Quiz: CHRISTMAS QUIZ

When creating the Christmas quiz, we used some of Questbase’s key features:

·        Use of different question types: multiple choice, multiple answer, true or false and multiple true or false. Each question was also given a different score based on difficulty
·        Addition of external resources (images and links) to some questions
·        Viewing of one question per page
·        Mandatory response in order to proceed
·        Maximum time allowed: 10 minutes
·        Automatic personalized certificate at the end of quiz for having totalled at least 4 points

If you would like to know all of QuestBase’s features, you can download the user guide here! QUESTBASE’S GUIDE