Friday, February 10, 2017

Customize Your Assessment Links (URLs)

Do you want to hide all QuestBase references from the links of your assessments or exams? For example let's say you are a company and want to use QuestBase as your official assessment and certification tool, but don't want to let others know you're using a third-party service provider: now you can do that!

Each exam you create in QuestBase has a unique address (called URL), for example: As you can see, the name QuestBase appears in the address. Using this new feature, instead, you could have a custom address, for example, thus hiding the name QuestBase.

You can customize 2 types of addresses: the address of each assessment and the address of the page where students go to login and take exams (of course only if you're using this feature, because you don't always need to setup students). Let's see both customizations in detail. First of all, however, please note these customizations are available for QuestBase Premium Gold account types only.

Customize Assessment URLs

Before we can start, be sure you have access to your domain's DNS settings: if you don't, you need to ask for help to your domain manager or system administrator. Now you have the domain and you want to publish tests with the address

  • Go to your DNS provider (for example, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) and login to the control panel for your domain
  • Edit your DNS zones by adding a new CNAME (Alias) record. For example, here's the screenshot for GoDaddy:

  • In the Host field, enter your chosen address (for example, enter "assessments" if you want to use the URL
  • In the Points to field, enter ""
  • In the TTL field, leave the default value (usually 1 Hour)
  • Now save your changes and wait up to 24/48 hours for the changes to propagate through the Internet. After this period, you'll be able to load your assessments from (for example,

Customize the Students Login URL

QuestBase also allows you to customize the address where your students go to login and take tests. By default, the Students login page is at (you can customize "your_account_name", see page 45 of the QuestBase Tutorial) but let's say you don't want the word "questbase" to appear in the address (URL), but instead you want the Students login page to be at (with no "questbase" references).

  • Login to QuestBase and in your My Profile window, Account tab, change your Link (URL) to match exactly your chosen domain (without the starting "http://", for example "")

  • Now go to your DNS provider (for example, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) and login to the control panel for your domain
  • Edit your DNS zones by adding a new CNAME (Alias) record. For example, here's the screenshot for GoDaddy:
  • In the Host field, enter your chosen address (for example, enter "students" if you want to use the URL
  • In the Points to field, enter ""
  • In the TTL field, leave the default value (usually 1 Hour)
  • Now save your changes and wait up to 24/48 hours for the changes to propagate through the Internet. After this period, you'll be able to load your Students login page from

That's all! Of course, if you have any problems don't hesitate to contact us!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays from QuestBase!

In light of the festivities, we’ve made a brief Christmas quiz to help you discover QuestBase’s true potential in allowing you to create all different types of customizable questionnaires and surveys.

Click here to start the Christmas Quiz: CHRISTMAS QUIZ

When creating the Christmas quiz, we used some of Questbase’s key features:

·        Use of different question types: multiple choice, multiple answer, true or false and multiple true or false. Each question was also given a different score based on difficulty
·        Addition of external resources (images and links) to some questions
·        Viewing of one question per page
·        Mandatory response in order to proceed
·        Maximum time allowed: 10 minutes
·        Automatic personalized certificate at the end of quiz for having totalled at least 4 points

If you would like to know all of QuestBase’s features, you can download the user guide here! QUESTBASE’S GUIDE

Friday, October 28, 2016

Customize your Test Pages

We're happy to let you know that we've finally added the ability to customize your test and quiz pages, so that you can brand them! For example, you can add logos, change fonts and backgrounds, match colors to your company identity, and much more!

How can you do that? You simply upload a custom CSS file that QuestBase will apply to your assessment pages; the best part is that each assessment can have a different style, so possibilities are really unlimited! Here are some samples:

Default Style

Simple Customization

Advanced Customization

How can you customize you test pages? First of all, you need a Gold account, because this advanced feature is available in Gold accounts only. Then you can download the default CSS file from here. With a bit of CSS knowledge and your preferred text editor, you can edit this CSS file by changing colors, font styles, backgrounds, etc. Once you're happy with it, you can apply it to one of your assessments: login to your QuestBase account and go to the Properties of your publication, Options tab, Set advanced options, Advanced tab. In the Files section, upload your customized file to Custom CSS. Et voilĂ , your assessment will use your new style!

Hint: if you have a bit of web programming knowledge, you can use your browser's built-in Inspector to accurately inspect your quiz page and find HTML elements where to apply your CSS styles! And, remember, if you have any questions we're here to help! Happy customization!

Thursday, June 16, 2016




QuestBase releases native APPs for iPad and Android tablets, designed to provide a secure environment to deliver high-stakes assessments such as tests and exams.

QuestBase allows trainers and teachers to create easily on-line quizzes, tests and exams. Assessments can be time-limited and a custom passing certificate can be automatically awarded. 
This new APP allows users to take on-line quizzes, even in a secure way. Users cannot do other operations (for example, running other apps) while taking a secure exam, so that the tablet is locked.
Download the APP free of charge from Google PlayStore (Android version) or from iTunes (iOS version). 
The Windows version is already available! Read more



Wednesday, February 17, 2016



You can customize and award a PDF certificate using the QuestBase Certificate Editor!

The Certificate Editor allows you to create your own custom PDF certificates that will be awarded every time someone passes your test.

For example, if the student gets a score equal to or higher than the passing score, the test will be passed and a custom certificate will be automatically awarded.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Integrate QuestBase With Your Own Systems

We have recently added a new feature, the API Callback URL, that allows you to call a web page or script as soon as someone takes a test, passing some information. For example, if you want to capture learners' data for your database/website, you can use this new feature.

Example Use Cases of Capture API
  • Inserting lead capture into your own database such as name, email etc. of quiz taker
  • Inserting names and information for people that take the test into SugarCRM, SalesForce, or any other CRM system
  • Triggering emails or any other process on your website when someone takes the test

How It Works

First of all, you need to create a script (in any web programming language) that will accept the data sent by the quiz through REQUEST method. We already provide basic samples in .NET C# and PHP. Whenever someone takes your quiz, your callback script will be called asynchronously, and it will accept the data. After accepting the data, you can write any custom code such as inserting into your database or CRM or triggering some business logic process.

This is a two part process, where first part is to to setup the callback script URL and the second step is done on your website where you will code this script file to accept the REQUEST data.

To enable the Callback URL, go to the Properties of your publication, Options tab, Set advanced options, Callback tab, and enable it. You can choose to pass information via POST (preferred) or GET methods. Enter the exact URL of your script on your website and confirm.

There are several variables which we support and pass them to REQUEST when someone takes your quiz. This is similar to REST or SOAP API's.

You would use the REQUEST array method to capture the response information. QuestBase will call your callback URL asynchronously and will post all of these variables to that particular script. Here are the supported variables:

accesscodethe access code entered by the user, if available
cf_labelthe value of this custom field (for example, cf_company if you have a custom field labelled company)
crt_numberthe URL of the awarded certificate(s). number is the numer of the awarded certificate, for example crt_1, crt_2, etc.
enddatethe date/time (UTC, yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss) when the response was completed
firstnamethe first name of the user, if available
gr_labelthe value of this custom grade (for example, gr_passed if you have a custom grade labelled passed)
idthe id of the response. This can be also used to later display this response to the user (
ipthe ip address of the user, if available
ispreviewindicates if it's a preview (1) or a real response (0)
itemidthe custom id used in SSO login, if available
lastnamethe last name of the user, if available
maxscorethe maximum score available for the publication
minscorethe minimum score available for the publication
pinthe PIN of the publication (empty if it's a preview)
scorethe score (points) got by the user
scorepercentthe score (percent) got by the user
startdatethe date/time (UTC, yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss) when the response was started
statusthe status of the response (2=completed, 3=passed, 4=not passed, 5=to be graded). Other values are reserved
titlethe title of the publication
usernamethe username of the user, if available

You can download a basic sample in .NET C# and PHP to get started.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Need to Deliver Secure Exams?

We have the answer! We are glad to announce that we have just released QuestBase Secure Browser, a desktop application that allows you to easily publish secure exams, tests and certifications.
Secure Exams
QuestBase Secure Browser (QSB) provides a secure environment to deliver your assessments, via a SSL communication (https), preventing people from printing and copying questions, using or switching to other applications, right-clicking on the mouse, viewing the HTML source, and many more other features.

Now it's easy than ever to deliver secure assessments in a proctored environment. And, best of all, QuestBase Secure Browser is free! Try it now!